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In a June 14, 2007, article, Americans Unready to Revolt, Despite Revolting Conditions, Joel S. Hirshhorn states, “the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal national poll results vividly show a population incredibly dissatisfied with their nation's political system. A whopping 68 percent think the country is on the wrong track. Just 19 percent believe the country is headed in the right direction. Bush's approval rating is at just 29 percent, his lowest mark ever... Even worse, only 23 percent approve of the job that Congress is doing. On the economic front, nearly twice as many people think the U.S. is more hurt than helped by the global economy (48 to 25 percent). Globalization does not spread wealth; it channels it to the wealthy, making billionaires out of millionaires. There is a super wealthy and politically powerful Upper Class that is literally raping the nation. Meanwhile, the huge Lower Class continues to lose economic ground while their elected representatives sell them out to benefit the Upper Class”.

Executives from large corporations - many of the extremely rich, neocons, radical religious fundamentalists and others - are exercising excessive control over many of our federal, state and local governments. They control most of the media, public sector resources, environmental laws, judicial institutions, political parties, etc. They tweak the tax code, manipulate the regulatory agencies, and funnel campaign contributions to their favorite politicians who conduct a shell-game of carefully crafted misinformation and theatrical propaganda.

Senior U.S. government officials used false pretenses to justify the invasion of Iraq. The ensuing occupation gave U.S. oil companies time to illegally take control of Iraq's oil industries and reserves benefitting only U.S. oil companies. The obscene profits adding up to trillions of dollars will not make their way back to the people of Iraq, or even America. These oil profits are pocketed by the multinationals corporations, who will not pay either U.S. or Iraqi taxes on these profit or even have to sell the oil in the U.S. This is not what our fine enlisted military men and women signed on to defend.

It is a crime that the people of the United States are paying with their tax dollars and lives for the invasion and occupation of Iraq for the sole purpose of generating profits. Gas, oil, munitions makers and defense contractors pay millions in lobbying as their ante to ensure trillions flow back to them in militaristic adventurism. In turn, senior corporate executives are rewarded with lavish compensation and bonuses.

Our institutions and systems fail not because they are basically unsound, but because of the actions or lack of actions of individuals not organizations, agencies, or corporations. Not enough of us take the time to understand our constitution, our rights and underlying causes of our institutional problems. Most people do not pay attention, and even those who do tend to be fooled by corrupt politicians and the “in-bedded” industrial-media complex who cheerfully publish misinformation.

The world is facing many tough challenges which are not being adequately addressed. These challenges and concerns include global warming, poverty, chronic water shortages, lack of affordable housing, energy and food shortages, chronic worldwide unemployment, malnutrition, poor physical, dental, mental, and emotional health, failing ecological systems, high cost of basic essentials, wars, conflicts, nuclear proliferation and many uncaring and unethical government officials. There is no excuse for this. The 2000 largest corporations now do over 40% of world sales with only 1.06%. of the population. Shortages are produced by businessmen to run up prices and profits

So how do the American people wrestle control of their government from elected legislators, appointed justices and hand-chosen senior government officials that have sold out and have turned over control of their functions to the executives and lobbyists of large corporations? Demand that members of all three branches of the government:

    Truly care for the people, the environment and the natural resources of the entire world.

    Adhere to the spirit and intent of the Constitution and the other laws of the land.

    Stop using technicalities and loopholes to get around the law, rules and regulations

    Adhere to their oaths of office

    Step down if they are not willing to do this.

Broad “climate and cultural” changes are required.

Those of us activists, no matter whether progressive, moderate or conservative need to address these issues by committing to working together. With better dialogue, respect for opposing opinion, and the opportunity to air our believes in a respectable fashion, we can come to a better understanding of these problems, examine their underlying causes and develop mutually satisfactory solutions.



At present we are working with others, trying to maintain the overall picture and focusing on the following priority items:


1.  Ending the violence in Iraq and withdrawing U. S. Forces from Iraq in a peaceful, just and timely manner through legislation, court orders, and/or criminal complaints/indictments against senior civil and military officials. (See sections III. F., G., H., I., and J. below.)


2.  Replacing President Bush, Vice President Cheney and others with well-qualified individuals through resignations, impeachments, criminal complaints, indictments, etc. as outlined in the Plan to replace Bush and Others (See sections III. J. K. and L below).


3.  Reducing/eliminating massive, unneeded nuclear and other offensive weapons, corporation subsidies, etc.

4.  Getting money, corporation executives and their lobbyist out of politics and insure that the people have control over their government.

5.  Provide job opportunities and education and training programs, for everyone in particular in areas such: as curtailing and ameliorating the ill effects of global warming, environmental protection, developing alternative energy sources, transportation and traffic programs that emphasizes more trains - less traffic and reduces dependence on foreign oil, etc. Funds for this work to come to from ending the occupation of Iraq, reduction/eliminations of the massive, unneeded nuclear and other offensive weapons systems, corporate subsidies, etc. See section PII. C. below The People’s Comprehensive Agenda and Goals for these and other priority items.

In general, 


   Provides plans, frameworks and other tools to help activists, progressives, moderates, etc. work together better. divide up the work, and work more effectively to accomplish the change so vital to the world and its inhabitants.


   Helps define and articulate goals, concerns and problems and their underlying causes and pragmatic solutions.


   Develops and makes available pertinent downloadable documents and documents developed by others.


NOTE: Please consider all these documents as draft, open ended “works in progress” and provide critical comments and suggestions for improving them to, phone 703-521-3926.

A. Memorandum of Law.

This document, among other things, provides insights into and educational material on the Constitution, international treaties and conventions and other laws, civil rights, responsibilities of government officials, rule of law, etc. It specifically shows:

   That constitutional rights cannot be limited, taken away or eroded without an amendment to the Constitution.

   Violating, limiting, taking away or eroding rights guaranteed by the Constitution is a crime.

   Absent a formal declaration of war by the Congress, the U. S. Constitution prohibits Congress authorizing the President to use U. S. forces in or against Iraq, to occupy Iraq or to appropriate funds to be used for any of these purposes.

   Absent a formal declaration of war by the Congress, the U. S. Constitution prohibits the President or anyone using U. S. forces, private security contractors/guards, the CIA or anyone in or against Iraq, to conduct clandestine operations in Iraq or occupy Iraq, or to detain people in Iraq, etc.


B. The People’s Reform Plan. This plan provides, among other things, approaches for those interested in putting control of the government in the people’s hands to:

   Improve coordination among like-minded organizations and individuals, divide up the work, and work more effectively to accomplish the change so vital to the world and its inhabitants.

   Define, frame and articulate the People’s Comprehensive Goals and Agenda

   Define frame and articulate a People’s Information, Education and Training Program.

   Develop/refine systems for finding, nominating and electing better candidates and keeping them honest, effective and efficient once they are in office.

C. The People’s Comprehensive Agenda and Goals.

The objectives of this document are to define, frame and articulate:

   Bold goals.

   All concerns, challenges, problems, issues, deficiencies, lessons learned, etc. that could stand in the way of reaching these goals.

   General underlying causes of these concerns and challenges include such things as greed, personnel error, lack of or improper education or training, poor or faulty information, rules, regulations, documentation, legislation, etc.

   Proposed solutions, reform, change actions, mechnics, etc. which are needed to reach the stated goals, and address concerns, problems, deficient systems and methods and their underlying causes.

D. The People’s Information, Education and Training Program.

This document outlines a draft program that will provide information, education and training for people from both the public and private sector who want to effect positive change. 

   Concerns and challenges: the need for allying, change, education, reform and pragmatic solutions.

   Reasoning, framing, semantics, linguistics, communications, etc.

   Human nature characteristics, goodness, ethics, moral values, principles, integrity, character, accountability, cooperation, teamwork, courage, etc.

   The Constitution, international treaties, civil right, laws, sovereignty of the people, democratic process, the legal system, etc.

   Proposed Solutions and Reform and Change Actions.

E. The People’s Legal Action Plan. peoples_legal_action_plan.pdf

The Legal Action Plan provides tools, forms and processes to help prevent violations of human rights, obtain justice and provide restitution for victims of crimes and assist in the investigation and prosecution of senior government officials who have violated human rights, their oath of office, etc. For example, a proposed Draft Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief to Find the Military Commissions Act of 2006 to be Unconstitutional and Null and Void and For Injunctions Ordering that It Not Be Invoked is an attachment to this plan.


F. Summary of the U.S. Occupation and Attempted Colonization of Iraq.

This document describes the background and consequences from the illegal and unjust U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. It outlines how senior officials and Congresspersons have wrongfully and unlawfully:

   Had Iraq invaded and occupied because they wanted to help U.S. oil companies illegally control as much as possible of Iraq’s oil industries and reserves and help U.S. oil companies take as much as possible of the trillions of dollars of Iraqi oil profits.

   Rewrote the Constitution of and laws of Iraq so that U.S. oil companies would not have to pay taxes to Iraq on revenue and profits from the sale of Iraq oil and could immediately transfer these profits out of Iraq and to their offices in countries other than the U.S. so that they would not pay Iraq or U.S. taxes.

   Set it up so that U.S. oil companies would not even have to sell Iraqi oil to the United States and could increase the price of oil at will by withholding Iraq oil from the world market.

   Will keep U.S. Armed Forces and defense contractors/mercenaries in Iraq indefinitely to provide security for and help U.S. oil companies control Iraq’s oil industries and reserves and because they are afraid that Iraq will re-nationalize their oil reserves if U.S. Armed Forces and defense contractors/mercenaries leave.

   Set it up so that the people of the United States are paying with their tax dollars and lives for the invasions and occupation of Iraq, the protection of the oil so that oil company executives can steal Iraqi oil profits and the salaries and the salaries of the senior officials and legislators who caused this situation.

   That oil companies in return are rewarding the senior executives and legislators with a portion of their profits in the form of ever increasing campaign contributions and other favors.

   The people of Iraq and the United States have and will never receive any benefits from this war.

G. Proposed Plan to End Violence in Iraq & Withdraw U.S. Armed Forces in a Peaceful, Just and Timely Manner [PDF]

This plan calls for the United States to, among other things:

   Sincerely apologize to the Iraqis for the economic sanctions, invasion, occupation, the deaths, maiming, abuse and torture of Iraqis, the damage and destruction of Iraqi mosques, homes, facilities, historical treasures, etc., the attempted thief of Iraqi oil and oil profits, etc.

   Order an immediate unilateral cease fire and halt of all offensive and clandestine operations by coalition forces, the CIA, U.S. paid mercenaries, etc. Call on all factions in Iraq to please do the same.

   Immediately return sovereignty, the control of all oil reserves and other resources to the people of Iraq, make amends, make restitution, reparations, and condolence payments for all the physical and emotional damages to Iraqi’s and their country, treat Iraqi’s as equals, respect the fundamental rights of Iraqis, etc.

   Order an immediate withdrawal of CIA operatives and U.S. paid mercenaries.

   Move aircraft carriers, other surface combatants and submarines, if any, out of the Persian Gulf and outside the sight of land.

   Commence massive humanitarian aid effort to insure that all the people of Iraq have access to food, water, shelter, health care, etc.

   Immediately release all "security detainees" who have not been charged with a crime and pay them restitution if their confinement has been wrongful and unlawful and/or if they have been abused or tortured.

   Request that the United Nations prepare and deploy an appropriate international peace-keeping mission from neutral nations with at least 50 percent of the mission to be from nations with large Muslim populations.

   In coordination with the Iraq government, the United Nations, Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, encourage, support and participate in, but not attempt to control, comprehensive and broadly-inclusive negotiations on all relevant issues.

   As the UN peace-keeping mission government assistance teams are phased in, conduct a timely phased withdrawal of all United States Armed Forces personnel and civilian military contractors from Iraq

   Permanently close all U.S. military bases in Iraq.


H. Proposed legislation: To End the Violence in Iraq and Withdraw U. S. Armed Forces from Iraq in a Just, Peaceful and Timely Manner.

This proposed legislation, a rewrite and expansion of H.R. 1234, among other things:

   Outlines the factors inflaming the insurgency in Iraq and what it will take to dampen the insurgency and get everyone to negotiate.

   Outlines a detailed plan (same as the above proposed plan) in the form of a policy statement for ending the violence and withdrawing.

   Identifies potential sources of funds for the withdrawal, reparations, rebuilding of Iraq, etc.

   Provides a schedule for timely deployment of a UN Peace-keeping Mission and withdrawing U.S. Armed Forces and supporting contractors

   Would prohibit the use of funds for such things as offensive operations in Iraq and Iran, privatizing Iraq’s oil reserve, deploying additional troops to Iraq, deploying aircraft carriers and other combatant ship in the Persian Gulf, etc.


I. Proposed Lawsuit for a Peaceful, Just and Timely U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq.

This proposed draft Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief: To Find that the U. S. Invasion and Occupation of Iraq Was Wrongful & Unlawful and To Compel the President, to Execute the Plan for a Just and Timely U.S. Withdrawal from Iraq could be updated and filed if the key elements of the above Proposed Plan are not initiated.

• Exhibit 1 of the Lawsuit: Palestine and U.S. Policy [PDF]

• Exhibit 2 of the Lawsuit: Nuclear Nightmare [MS Word]


J. The People’s Action Plan to Replace President Bush and Others with Well-Qualified Individuals.


This plan outlines the actions needed to replace President Bush, Vice President Cheney and others in the current administration with well-qualified, honest individuals. It notes that until this happens, our economy and the conditions in Iraq will likely get worse. Individuals are invited to provide, anonymously if desired, the names of officials that they believe should be indicted and/or impeach and for criminal complaints, proposed grand jury indictments and articles of impeachment by contacting at 703-725-7849 or


K. United States v. Bush et al. - Sample Proposed Indictment for a Grand Jury.

This is a one-count proposed indictment for a grand jury from the outstanding book U.S. v. Bush et al. by Elizabeth de la Vega, a career U.S. Attorney and federal prosecutor. Interested parties are invited to submit additional defendants, crimes and facts to be added to this proposed indictment or to provide additional proposed indictments. The preparation of proposed indictments is discussed further in the and the PeoplesPlan to Replace Bush and Others


L. Articles of Impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney.

This is a copy of H. Res. 333, Articles of Impeachment against Vice President Dick Cheney introduced by Congresswoman Denis Kucinich on , 2007. The text of the resolution, the articles of impeachment, and all supporting references can be found at Interested parties are invited to submit refinements or additional articles to be considered for inclusion in these proposed articles.


M. Articles of Impeachment against President George Walker Bush and other officials.

This is a copy of H. Res. 1106, Articles of Impeachment against George Walker Bush and other officials which was introduced by Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney on December 8, 2006 just before the end of the 109th Congress. It is no longer valid; however, it could be refined and reintroduced and it can be used as a sample for articles of impeachment for other individuals. Interested parties are invited to submit refinements or additional articles to be considered for inclusion in these proposed articles.




   Minimum Qualifications and Characteristics Required of all Government Officials by the People (including the president and vice president, legislators and judges.) and Characteristics Which Disqualify Individuals from Serving in these Positions


   A Twelve Step Program to Reform Congress which updates Winslow Wheeler’s program in his book The Wastrels of Defense: How Congress Sabotages U.S. Security.




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